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Assisting Pet Owners with

End of Life Services

Compassionate End of Life Services

As a pet owner, you have taken on a wonderful responsibility of bringing a pet into your family that

brings a great deal of joy to millions of people every day. Unfortunately, it also means that at some point,

you have to make tough, emotional decisions regarding the health of your companion animal,

including how to handle end of life care. Last Kiss at Home offers compassionate and humane

end of life services for all animals at an affordable cost to you and your family.

All services are performed by professional veterinarians and vet technicians who are available to answer any questions regarding services rendered.


Compassionate to the nature of end of life services, we offer three affordable options for owners to choose from that fit your needs and comfort level.

Our Mission

Last Kiss at Home takes pride in being the trusted professionals you call upon to assist with end of life services.

We strive to provide compassionate end of life procedures for your family, and it is an honor to provide these services in your time of need.

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